Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 models are arriving PS-M2 (LTR)

The PS-M2 line has turned out to be one of the go to models in the Aftermath line up of HPSB.Being extremely versatile this board has become a firm favorite.After it's original launch refinements as well as variations of this board were tested in various locations around the globe and now with 2012 approaching fast the all new PS-M2(LTR)will be on offer.Look for it in the upcoming new model product launch.Main features include fuller chest area for greater ease of paddling as well as lowered tail rocker to increase glide surface to carry your speed through the flatter sections of softer waves.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New models

The all new "Wizzard Slipper" is a continuation of the "Sorcerers Apprentice",which really turned out a great seller this past summer.By the rider feedback and personal testing this board has definately proven fun.Keeping similar characteristics of the Sorcerers Apprentice,but narrowing up the nose for more directional performance and adding a touch more forward rocker with a slightly narrower hipped rounded Squash tail outline and by flattening out the deck with a fuller rail volume allows for this board to be ridden a bit thinner than your standard high performance shorty.A forward concave running into a deep double spiral concave gives this little Gem some major speed and drive.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Raptor Pin

After a recent trip down to Bali..i had decided to make a few new boards to test out.Fortunately i had stumbled upon the chance to to go..unlike past occasions where i'm always stuck in the shaping bay and making boards for everyone going on some exotic surf trip.

Well seeing as you can only travel with a limited number of boards now..i had made the "Raptor" a few days prior to leaving..along with a few other new test models.Paddling out on this board..well let's just know when a board just feels right.Needless to say..2 weeks in Bali was just perfect.I surfed my brains out and definately learned a few traits from each new model.The Raptor surpassed every expectation i had,especially after upgrading to a slightly larger fin combo to accomodate the extra width across the tail area.Definately a good all round travel board as it was intended to be.It handled the small days to a couple of feet problem.

This is one board that will always be in my travel quiver from now on...speaking of travel..Sumatra is sounding mighty fine ..and i can definately see that in the not too distant months from now.

Live to surf..and surf to live..but most of respectful..and "Ride it like you just stole your last wave"!!!


The Blacktip fanbase has been steadily growing to become one of the most sought after hybrids in the Aftermath lineup.The fun factor that this board generates is measured with endless smiles after every wave.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New models arriving

New models are arriving weekly and the all new PS-M2 has been re-defined and has been gaining momentum as the go to board to have in your everyday quiver.Only slight modifications have been made,but the positive feel and response have been excellent.Slightly adjusted entry rocker with a touch more nose volume and a subtle change to the single concave depth has resulted in a HPSB that is becoming a firm favorite of pro's and customers alike.

The all new W-RT "Raptor" pin has been on the design floor for quite a while and i feel all the kinks have been ironed out on this one,making for one great all around travel board.With the increasing costs the airlines are placing on us for surfboards...we are no longer afforded the luxury of taking 4-5 brds on a trip.This board will for the most die hard surf traveller..cover all your bases,whether it be a beach break or a double overhead barrel!!The flowing outline with the wider tail and rounded pin allow for glide in the small stuff as well as the turnability of your regular shorty,but still off enough holding power for more punchier grinding waves.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Toyz for Tha Big Dogs!!!

Winter toyz for some of the boys and girls!! If you've got the Balls....or even if you haven't but surf like you got 'em!!! Step up and put up.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Trouble

Both the Diamond pin Raptor Quaddie and the Sorcerers Apprentice are for my good friend John Yow who coincidently owns 3dm surfboard shaping systems.I've labelled these "Double Trouble" as i'm sure that they'll both get him into places he might not need to be.....!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diamond Pin Raptor Quad

The "Raptor Quad" has amazed me with it's performance.What started as an experimental board,has turned into one heck of a performance shorty!I'd been testing over the course of last year with many different fin configurations as well as tow and pitch and was fortunate to test it in Indo,Hawaii,Nicaragua,Puerto Rico as well as both East and West coasts of the US.Feedback right off the bat was very positive.I had reservations about the turnability under certain conditions,but once again with a few minor tweaks,this board turned out to be the Real Deal!

'Fire and water"

Fire and water don't usually mix,but in the case of the "Dragonfish Fireball" anything's possible.