Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Trouble

Both the Diamond pin Raptor Quaddie and the Sorcerers Apprentice are for my good friend John Yow who coincidently owns 3dm surfboard shaping systems.I've labelled these "Double Trouble" as i'm sure that they'll both get him into places he might not need to be.....!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diamond Pin Raptor Quad

The "Raptor Quad" has amazed me with it's performance.What started as an experimental board,has turned into one heck of a performance shorty!I'd been testing over the course of last year with many different fin configurations as well as tow and pitch and was fortunate to test it in Indo,Hawaii,Nicaragua,Puerto Rico as well as both East and West coasts of the US.Feedback right off the bat was very positive.I had reservations about the turnability under certain conditions,but once again with a few minor tweaks,this board turned out to be the Real Deal!

'Fire and water"

Fire and water don't usually mix,but in the case of the "Dragonfish Fireball" anything's possible.