Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wizzards Wand

This is a new model that i have been working on and just like the "The Wizzard Slipper" which has turned into another Gem of a board..so too has the need to further develop it's characteristics into a more performance based crossover shortboard groveller.By narrowing up the existing dimensions off the Wizzard Slipper....essentially stretching it out, lowering the rail volume to a medium/full rail along with a touch more nose rocker and tail rocker,deeper single to double concave for added lift and speed into a vee'd tail..creates an exceptional lively feel that gets up and goes.A must have board in your quiver that will put a smile on your face.The added nose area and volume makes for one easy paddler,but still offers up directional performance in turns as well as stability for launching and landing airs.Best ridden 2-4 inches shorter than regular shorty,3/8" -3/4" wider and the same thickness.Recommended as the standard Hip Squash as a thruster set up,but available as a Quad or 5-4-3 set up.