Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New models arriving

New models are arriving weekly and the all new PS-M2 has been re-defined and has been gaining momentum as the go to board to have in your everyday quiver.Only slight modifications have been made,but the positive feel and response have been excellent.Slightly adjusted entry rocker with a touch more nose volume and a subtle change to the single concave depth has resulted in a HPSB that is becoming a firm favorite of pro's and customers alike.

The all new W-RT "Raptor" pin has been on the design floor for quite a while and i feel all the kinks have been ironed out on this one,making for one great all around travel board.With the increasing costs the airlines are placing on us for surfboards...we are no longer afforded the luxury of taking 4-5 brds on a trip.This board will for the most die hard surf traveller..cover all your bases,whether it be a beach break or a double overhead barrel!!The flowing outline with the wider tail and rounded pin allow for glide in the small stuff as well as the turnability of your regular shorty,but still off enough holding power for more punchier grinding waves.